Monday, July 18, 2011

Life is short.

Been busying with sch and work this whole month. Sch just started last week :D Lot's of things been going on in my life recently.. I don even think i can type it down all in words. Been meeting less of my friends :( Everything is really going fine except for the friends part. Hopefully they will understand.

I shall keep this post short and sweet. See the pictures :D

Friday, June 17, 2011

Mundane life.

Since i started blogging again. I should continue to do so. :D
Seen work ended, i been going out almost every single day.
Always hanging out around orchard.. Starbucks, shop.. This is my life. My mundane life :D
Shall post some picture up before i bore you guys :D

Found this pictures in my album. :D
This was taken in china by steph itouch.
Love the jacket
Went to eat at tonkichi as taka with tingli and mei xian.
Was suppose to watch kungfu panda 2 but becoz of me, we changed it to super 8.
Sorry guys. Wonder if kungfu panda would be nicer than super 8??

Love this meal to the max.
This was when i am still in the office.
Took this picture to send to shirley and pris to tempt them.
Coz they were very hungry and i was having lunch :D
Ytd with tingli and mei xian at starbucks.
Sorry my pictures is like all over the place. LOL
With steph and fel when we are in JCU.. :D
After eating at prata house. The prata was so so only.
End of today post. Nothing much anw.. I don really know what to blog also..
Ciao :D

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

So on and so forth

People come and goes for better or worse.. Another three months has pass by without me knowing. Less than a month before i start a new university life. And in a blink of an eye three years will pass.. Therefore we must always cherish our life every minute and second..
Making sure that we will never ever regret not doing something we love or would want to do.. :D
I miss all my friends in primary school, secondary school, polytechnic, all those in china, my colleagues. Soon i will make new friends in university.. And history will repeat. So on and so forth.
Today post will be mostly filled with pictures :D It has been such a long time since i blog. I am super busy with work that i don even have time to use the computer when i come home. But i guess i will be free from tmr onwards.. :D Will blog more often to whoever who still see this blog?? I guess i don have any readers now. LOL
Recent events: Meet up with fel, steph, pris, kelvin, yy and ryan at clarke quay to chill before ryan goes in the army :D

We went to batam for ling ling jie jie wedding dinner :D
It was quite cool although it's 2 days one night :D

The dress i wore :D

The 20 year old gang :D

Went to universal studio with ryan, pris and brenda. It was quite a fun experience only the waiting and queuing for the rides is horrilbe. Oh and the WEATHER WAS MADNESS!!

May 26 was our graduation day. It was quite sad to leave the sch.. And wearing the coat was about to kill me that day. Coz it was super hot.

Some day that me, fel and steph went out for dinner after work. Went to crystal jade xiao long bao place in Taka. It was good :D I love the drunken chicken.

Okay i am so freaking tired that i don really know what i am typing. It is offically 04.04am in the morning. Time to sleep :D
Been such a long time since i sleep at this kind of timing.

Ciao :D